Welcome new clients Bluecoat Gin, Final Offer, and WorkMoney.

Bluecoat Gin is the original “American-style” premium dry gin, handcrafted in Philadelphia since 2006. Different from dry, piney-tasting gins from “across the pond,” Bluecoat is made with quality botanicals, and the aromatics that make any drink with Bluecoat a crisp, citrusy delight. Bluecoat has officially tapped Tierney to shape their craft story to reflect the gin’s bold brand in order to drive engagement and convert the nonbelievers. 

Final Offer is a technology platform born from the notion that if selling or buying a home was a transparent process, everyone could negotiate with the confidence that they are getting the best deal. Final Offer provides listing agents and their sellers a fully transparent, competitive platform that shows what is important to sellers, allowing sellers and their agents to strategically navigate competitive offers, and gives buyers the clarity to know what will be accepted. Final Offer has tapped Tierney to increase visibility of their story in a crowded marketplace.

WorkMoney is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making American life more affordable and American families more economically secure. WorkMoney brings together experts who help consumers save on everyday expenses, gain access to government programs, reduce their debt and receive exclusive member-only offers. WorkMoney also works with policy thinkers who are dedicated to understanding the financial struggles of hard working Americans and do what’s right for them. WorkMoney came to Tierney for strategy communications and planning support. 

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