100+ smiling Tierney Employees at the Please Touch Museum retreat


Team Tierney gathered at the Please Touch Museum for our first in-person Agency Staff Retreat since 2019, giving employees the opportunity to get to know fellow co-workers, build trust and create a feeling of community. At the retreat, Tierney spent time reconnecting and re-grounding. With the museum as our playground, employees explored play as an outlet to harness creativity and limit self-editing in our workplace. Through breakout led activities, our team worked together to navigate scavenger hunts, build structures and also enjoyed taking rides on the carousel. Beyond exploring “play”, Tierney was able to learn and reflect in an effort to continue to grow together. By taking part in an intentional interactive session led by facilitator Shavon Norris, employees explored the 4 I’s of Oppression (Ideology, Institutional, Interpersonal, Internalized) and how to recognize it, overcome it and set new patterns of inclusivity. With that in mind, employees were encouraged to consider signing an updated pledge to put inclusivity first in the Tierney workplace.

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Site by Tierney

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