Meet GlobalFit, our newest client partner who has us energized to make an even bigger impact in the health and wellness category.

GlobalFit and its family of companies has grown significantly over the past few years, evolving from an aggregator of preventative health and wellness services to a true wellness technology company. And now, they’re turning to Tierney to ensure their entire brand experience (B2B2C and beyond) matches their innovative path forward.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring our integrated creative solutions to a brand that shares our vision for healthier living. GlobalFit’s holistic approach covers everything from nutrition to fitness to mindfulness, giving employers and insurance companies a more robust, tailored offering of wellness benefits for the people they serve. We’re all about that mission and can’t wait to hit the ground running—stay tuned to see their continued evolution with our support.

1700 Market St. Suite 29, Philadelphia, PA 19103

100 W 33rd St. 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001

212 Locust St. Suite 400, Harrisburg, PA 17101


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Site by Tierney

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